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We Can Go the Distance Together - COVID 19

10 Ways You Can Do Your Part

 A message on COVID-19 The UW-Madison Communication Collaborative for COVID19 Coronavirus Response

Physical distancing means avoiding non-essential outings and staying 6-8 feet from others when you go out.

Together with frequent handwashing, physical distancing can slow the spread and reduce illness and death.

There are many activities inside and out that you CAN and should do to care for yourself and others.
1. Stay at home as much as possible, going out only for critical needs like groceries and medicine. Try to limit essential outings to once a week. Wash hands on exit and re-entry.
 2. keep a distance of 6 feet between you and others when you go out for essential work (thank you from all of us) and essential tasks. Do not hug, or kiss, or shake hands, and limit your circle of to a maximum of 5 people.
 3. Wash! Your hands frequently, when you enter and exit home and work, before preparing food and eating, or using the toilet, and surfaces that are touched frequently or used for food preparation. Cough into your elbow, and don’t touch your face.
  4. It’s okay to go outside to enjoy fresh air and open spaces, to take a walk, work in your garden, walk your dog etc. – but keep a safe 6 feet distance from others.
5. Take special care to keep a safe physical distance from people who are more susceptible to illness. At the same time, find new ways to support community members who are isolated or in need if you are able.
  6. Stay connected with others as best you can. Use phone, social media, letters, and games and other hobbies to stay connected. From a distance you can still reach out to people who make you feel supported, and people who need your companionship and support.
  7. Develop a daily and weekly routine for yourself and your loved ones. This need not be followed rigidly but can
 the structure can help to feel calm and well-being.
 8. Make your home as comfortable as possible. Rearrange things to meet your current needs for work, safety, care of others, and play.
  9. Identify activities that help you to feel calm and content that you can do at home. This might be music, books, movies, drawing or writing, meditation or prayer, enjoying nature, or exercise. Relaxation, recreation and enjoyment is essential even at difficult times.



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