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Waterway Projects

Waterway Projects 

Almost all Rotary clubs will have a local river or other waterway. Rivers are universal lifelines to societies and civilizations. Rivers carry runoff from their watersheds and provide links between land-based activities, inland wetland and lakes, and coastal and marine environments. These ecosystems and their plant and animal communities provide numerous products and services that benefit society, both directly and indirectly. They supply fresh water for drinking and environmental needs and help to sustain the global hydrological, carbon, and nutrient cycles. These ecosystems, however, are under serious threat from population growth and urbanization, increased economic activity, intensification and expansion of agriculture, climate change, and pollution.   

Here is a selection of the Waterway Projects forwarded to ESRAG:

Restoring an Andean Watershed


Cleaning the Rivers of the World

Clean Water for Living

Marine Debris Ocean Stewardship Program


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