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UNEP-ESRAG June 5 World Environment Day Forum


UNEP-ESRAG World Environment Day Forum

Scroll down for free access to the Webinar Recordings

Thank you everyone who attended this event. We had a wonderful response to this event.

On June 5th, World Environment Day, ESRAG teamed up with the United Nations Environment Programme to bring an online forum to you.

The World Environment Day forum originally planned for Honolulu flowed like daylight across all the time zones of the world as the virtual conference broadcast four times. Our distinguished speakers are leaders from the UN Environment Programme, Drawdown, Rotary, and Greening Australia.  Over 24 hours, ESRAG connected the world! 

The recordings to the sessions are available for free access by scrolling towards the bottom of the page.

ESRAG's Forum Co-Hosts


Karen Kendrick-Hands       Christopher Puttock Patricia Armstrong

Karen D Kendrick-Hands                                    Christopher Puttock                    Patricia Armstrong


Wrap up:

Pat Armstrong, incoming ESRAG Communications Director, wrapped up with a summary of the event and showed a video of The Waggle Dance, a project with ESRAG involvement to create awareness for the importance of Bees as pollinators to protect our Food Security.


Karen Kendrick-Hands (co-founder and Communications Chair) introduces the World Environment Day Forum on June 5th 2020. A joint initiative of ESRAG and UNEP



3. Hunger and Food Waste

4. Rotary teams up with Drawdown

5. Greening Australia

6. Wrap Up