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Tree Planting Resources

Tree Planting Resources


Inspired by 2017-2018 RI President Ian Riseley, Rotarians are planting more trees than ever!

Here's how you can get involved

  • Develop projects with Rotaract and Interact Clubs
  • Collaborate with community partners  and local experts
  • Create international partnerships where tree planting can lift up entire communities


Trees are engines of economic development

  • High nutrition foods for humans, animals, wildlife and insects
  • Sustainable building materials and fuel
  • Canopies in urban areas to cool, reduce energy use, absorb pollution and increase property values

Trees protect our environment

  • Increase ground water recharge, prevent runoff and loss of soil
  • Create habitat for wildlife
  • Produce oxygen, use carbon dioxide, improve public health
  • Slow global warming by storing carbon

Trees and woodlands provide spiritual renewal and life

  • Walking in the woods stimulates the mind and soothes the soul
  • Trees and woodlands provide homes for birds, and many other species

Here is a selection of the Tree Planting Projects forwarded to ESRAG:

Restoring an Andean Watershed

Rotary Mission Green - Uganda and Tanzania

Trees for Clark Street Beach, Evanston, IL

Tree Planting Collaboration Project with Nature Conservancy

Reforestation as a Building Block to Community Development, Uganda

CommuniTree Partnership, Indiana

HARITIMA Primary School Tree Planting

One Million Trees Project, Mauritius Island

Rotary Club of Shanghai Tree Planting

Plant a Tree, Save the Future

More links to Ongoing Rotary Tree Planting Projects around the World

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Here is information on how to Design a Tree Planting Project

Publicize your Tree Planting Projects

Here is a link showing how others have publicized their project

Report your project to ESRAG

Use our Tree Planting Counter link to report your project to us!

Do you have any Questions

Check out our FAQ for Tree Planting Projects

Ian Riseley thanks ESRAG

Check out the Summary by District of the 2017-2018 Tree Planting Challenge and Ian Riseley's thank you to ESRAG