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Sounkalo Dembele (Mali)


Sounkalo Dembele 

Sounkalo is the founder of a nonprofit organization, SchoolNet-Mokoya Juru which works mainly in education and environment. He is currently the Executive Director of Bamako Niger River Guardians, a Waterkeeper Alliance Affiliate. He is an educator and community organizer and has managed projects on water monitoring with veterinary students and Youth Groups from Rotary clubs on the Niger River. In addition, Sounkalo has managed a USAID technology project for teachers and students and diverse cultural exchanges programs. He is also the Field Associate for both WiderNet and World Computer Exchange in Mali.

Sounkalo was born and raised in Bamako, Mali.  Sounkalo pays particular attention to adapting training resources to the needs of the local population. As a community organizer, Sounkalo has worked with Rotary International to implement clean environmental practices.

As a Rotarian, he is a technical advisor for both basic education and community development and has helped to build community gardens and create sustainable, community-maintained water distribution systems.  He was the Chair of the Rotary District 9101 Community Corps Committee for two terms and district secretary assistant for English-speaking countries and now secretary assistant for Francophone countries. He worked on a project with the Water and Sanitation Rotarian Action Group. He served as a facilitator at the Water Summit in Atlanta, Georgia.

In addition, he manages several other Rotarian projects including training Rotaractors on life-saving procedures, road security, polio events in rural areas and recently, the construction of latrines and training and sensitization about water and sanitation in the suburban community of Dialakorodji Kati, Mali.

Sounkalo is member of several Rotarian Action Groups including: Water & Sanitation Rotarian Action Group (WASRAG), Rotarians for Hearing Rotarian Action Group (RFH), Rotarians Eliminating Malaria a Rotarian Action Group  (REMaRAG); and a member of Mali Fleet, a Rotarian educator action group.