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Solar Cookers for South African Township

africa-1250991Solar Cookers for South African Townships The Sustainability Trust was the catalyst and the sponsor to bring together the participants in the following exercise:

  • Five Rotary-based organizations joined forces to introduce solar cooking principles top help alleviate poverty and improve health in South African townships.
  • The project will bring solar cooking to townships in Cape Town and – 500 miles to the east – to Grahamstown, via two Rotary Clubs.
  • The Rotary Club of Fresno, in California promotes the solar cooker technology, using a 15-year development programme created by Club member Wilfred Pimentel.
  • The cookers they have developed are easy and cheap to make, produce no carbon emissions, avoid firewood collection and burning and are healthier to use than conventional cooking and water-sanitising methods.

Two Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Fresno, California, travelled to South Africa as volunteer trainers for the Sustainability Trust sponsored solar cooking project between Feb 27 and 4th March 2010. For more information -