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Reduce our Ecological Footprint

Reduce our Ecological Footprint 

Research shows that today we use three times more resources than in 1970. If our consumption patterns do not change by 2050, we will need the resources of three planet Earths to sustain us. The true cost of  goods isn’t always the price we pay for them — too often environmental damage isn’t included in the price. When we start to recognize the true cost of the goods we consume and services we use, we can make changes to avoid unsustainable practices in our lives. 

To live sustainably, we each need to reduce our ecological footprint, which is the amount of environmental resources (such as land, water, plants, animals, or clean air) required to produce the goods and services necessary to support our lifestyles. Consuming less and producing what we do use more sustainably is at the heart of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. 

There are many unsustainable processes and products that are part of our day-to-day lives, which damage our planet. Being aware of them and holding ourselves accountable for our decisions can push us to choose sustainable alternatives when they exist and create new alternatives when they don’t.


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