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News and Announcements

The Year of the Tree

Rotarians have picked up the shovel again. Don't miss tree planting highlights and inspiring articles in the April issue of The Rotarian . Do you know when the Rotary tradition of planting trees started? The Rotarian gives us glimpses of the origin of Rotary through the eyes of Paul Harris,...

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Electric Vehicle Charging - 2nd in a Series

Electric vehicles charging at a charging station
Electric Vehicle Charging Article #2 of a Series by Randy Brooks, Rotary Club of Lake Chelan, Washington, U.S.A. Most electric vehicle (EV) charging is done overnight at home. When someone asks me how long it takes to charge my EV, my favorite answer is “About 5 seconds. I plug it...

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Meet RI President Elect Barry Rassin

Rotary International 2018-2019 President Barry Rassin
Barry Rassin, a member of the Rotary Club of East Nassau, Bahamas, has been selected by the RI Nominating Committee for President of Rotary International 2018-2019. His commitment to continuity, communication, and amplifying the good work of Rotary is clear. His strategy includes fostering stronger connections between Rotary International and...

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Why Drive an Electric Vehicle?

What is one of the most significant actions you, as an individual, can take to have a positive effect on global climate change? Drive an electric vehicle (EV) instead of a fossil fuel, internal combustion engine (ICE), vehicle! The reasons to drive an EV are compelling: Economic: An EV uses...

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One Man Single-Handedly Planted a Forest Larger than New York's Central Park

The story has become an award-winning documentary, Forest Man , through the craft of Toronto-based film-maker William Douglas McMaster. McMaster picked up the story on Reddit and followed a lead who claimed to know the man, Payeng, who started planting trees in 1979. Zi-Ann Lum of the Huffington Post Canada...

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Planting Trees: Mangroves and Flood Mitigation

As Rotarians around the world respond to wild fires, droughts and floods, it may be helpful to remember that 500-year floods don't happen every 500-years. Weather-related events are bound to change as the climate changes. The question is, what can we do proactively to minimize destruction? Jurriaan Kamp, journalist for...

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