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Merrill Glustrom (USA)


Merrill Glustrom, Ph.D.

Merrill has a multi-tiered focus including community, municipality, state/province, national, and international.  He recognizes that we cannot meet the environmental sustainability challenge unless we work together.  His style is “transpartisan.” He enjoys working with others of different experiences and perspectives, and collaborating for win-win solutions. Rotary has a simple test that guides actions: The Four-Way Test.

Rotary International has done amazing work in ridding the world of the scourge of polio. It’s time to set our sights on a developing global threat to our economy, civilization, and environment: climate change.  Rotary clubs can help make the change. Practical projects include a clean water project in Honduras, a children’s nature experience checklist, retrofitting low income homes to be more energy efficient, or taking inner city kids to the mountains to experience and learn about the outdoors. These are actual projects taken on by folks in our District 5450 ESRAG group!

Merrill has a B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in English and Continuing Education from the University of Wisconsin.  He has served on the faculties at Yavapai College, Arizona; Trinidad State, Colorado; Front Range Community College, Colorado; and as Assistant Dean, at the University of Colorado, Boulder.  Merrill has developed a program that uses computer-assisted instruction to teach developmentally delayed adults, and has authored college textbooks focused on: 1. Teaching Excellence;  2) Writing, and  3) Study Skills.  He is presently writing book on the Origin and Development of Language.

Merrill is a member and serves on the Board of the Boulder Rotary Club.  He is Co-Chair of the Preserve Planet Earth Committee of the Boulder Rotary Club, a member of the PeaceBuilders Committee and the Vocational Scholarship Committee.  He took leadership in the Boulder Rotary Club to bring to Boulder Blue Star Recyclers , a non-profit that employees people on the autism spectrum to take apart computers for recycling.  He currently serves on the Blue Star Recyclers Board of Directors.

Merrill was on the planning team that put together a successful District 5450 Pre-conference Symposium on Environmental Sustainability.  In addition to his substantial work within Rotary, Merrill is a member of the Board of the Association for Community Living, an Advocacy NGO for families with special needs children and adults.