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Journey to Justice Through Solar

Journey to Justice Through Solar

A thrilling call to action for youth by Rotarian Nathan Thomas, DGE of Rotary District 7710 (North Carolina), who describes how he is fulfilling his high school dream of world service through Rotary.

While working full time, this young American engineer and his colleagues run the nonprofit All We Are through which they donate their expertise to help Ugandans deliver solar power to schools and clinics far from any power grid.

This is a huge leap in educational impact and community safety, especially with the need to refrigerate vaccines. Nate chairs ESRAG’s Renewable Energy Task Force, which is available to consult with Rotarians on implementing green energy projects.

Contact Nate at Read more about All We Are in the July, 2020 Rotarian magazine, p. 11



Watch this facebook video to find out more.

Watch from minute 13:59 when ESRAG member Deborah Schultz of the Cincinnati Rotary Club introduces Nate.