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Getting Started

Tree Planting Ideas, Projects, and Key Things to Consider

Rotarians have been involved in Tree Planting initiatives all over the world for decades.

Look below for tips, guidelines, and ways to get started.  You may want to contribute to an on-going project, or partner with local or global partners to plant a new seed.

Consider teaming up with other organizations Here is a link listing a few Tree Planting Organizations

The Rotary Model as Strategy for Tree Planting

  • Connect with partners
  • Build on the interest and relationships in your club
  • Set goals
  • Designate team leads
  • Share your expertise, and your success
  • Involve the community
  • Have fun!

How to Get Started


  • Set a goal and announce it
  • Name a Project Liaison to report to ESRAG on your project
  • Schedule a speaker. Check out the materials available for presentations to clubs and schools.
  • Call your local experts (city and county urban forestry and park districts) to find out how Rotary can partner with local projects.
  • Use the Land Trust Alliance's Land Trust Finder to find a Land Trust in your area (USA)
  • Foster Interact and Rotaract Club tree planting activities
  • Create an project team, brainstorm, delegate, and have fun! 
  • Join a city-sponsored summer tree watering program


  • Set a project goal and announce it
  • Appoint a District Environmental Sustainability (ES) Committee Chair to promote and communicate between District, Club, ESRAG and Rotary
  • Consider instituting a new District tradition: Trees planted as honorary memorials
  • Check out the Rotary District 9810 1.2 Million Tree Planting Challenge Guide 


  • Sign up for ESRAG's newsletter  (click on the envelope on the top of this screen).
  • Plant a tree in your home garden or place of worship
  • Plant a tree for a grandparent or elderly neighbor
  • Explore Club and District resources for tree planting ideas
  • Write an article for your Club or District newsletter
  • Volunteer to be your Rotary Club's Tree Planting Liaison
  • Support your District Governor's tree planting efforts
  • Join or Renew your ESRAG membership! 

Five Key Ingredients to Successful Tree Planting

  • Source high quality trees - 7-15 gallon trees are optimal for volunteer planting, no circling roots
  • Right tree, right place - carefully plan tree planting locations, partner with local experts
  • Make it FUN - organize to make it easy for sign up and show up
  • Teach volunteers - use an arborist to demo and supervise proper planting
  • Tree stewardship - water the trees routinely after planting and plan for long-term care