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Environmental Sustainability Rotarian Action Group (ESRAG) assists Rotary clubs, districts and multi-districts in planning, implementing and evaluating service projects, building awareness, and inspiring action. These projects promote environmental sustainability in all six of Rotary’s Areas of Focus.

ESRAG fosters the development and dissemination of educational resources, initiates dialogue about environmental sustainability, and uses best practices in models and assessments for both projects and daily choices. This work advances the Object of Rotary of Service Above Self through positive impacts in all six Areas of Focus.

ESRAG is the acronym for Environmental Sustainability Rotary Action Group








Following the Rotary International model, there are many ways for ESRAG members to serve.

  • ESRAG needs volunteers to join the Board appointed working groups and committees that support ESRAG’s mission.  Click Here to submit your interest.
  • Share your expertise and experience with environmental sustainability projects.  Environmental sustainability is the product of many parts whose quality is incalculably greater than the simple sum of its parts.  Click Here if you are interested in sharing in interdisciplinary forums around complex environmental sustainability issues.
  • By joining ESRAG, you become a member of a Regional Chapter. Your Regional Chapter leader will send you a welcome email shoortly after you join and complete the Onboarding form.

Yes, ESRAG invites you to explore the full suite of resources and ideas associated to the Tree Planting Challenge.  This is a great activity for community involvement and Club development.

You may also want to subscribe to our newsletter (click on the envelope in the upper right corner), or our News blog.

Check out the Resources and Projects pages, too.

We hope you will decide to Join ESRAG!


  • Thank you for signing up as a charter and early member!  Thanks to you, the Rotarian Action Group was approved!
  • During our start-up phase, we were not able to obtain all of the information we need to submit our annual reports to Rotary International.
  • We have now been approved with tax-exempt status in the United States.
  • Annual dues are what enable us to support ESRAG central costs, including website, legal fees, and teleconferencing to support exchange between local and global groups.
  • Click here to register and pay your dues.

ESRAG provides multiple dues levels so that most everyone can afford the basic dues, but we also have higher levels of dues for those who want to provide additional support. ESRAG hopes to establish a program to subsidize membership where necessary with support from contributers, local clubs and districts.  Please contact us if you need assistance.

  • Rotarian Action Groups are dependent upon membership dues to support their administrative costs.
  • ESRAG would like to be as inclusive as possible.
  • Multiple membership levels are available to accommodate individual circumstances.
  • You are free to pay membership dues at any of the following levels:
    • Regular Member:           US $   30/year, $125/five yr
    • Contributing Member:     US $ 100/year, $400/five yr
    • Rotaractor:                      US $  15/year
  • In addition, we welcome any donation that you would like to make to ESRAG. We are a 501(c)3 organization so that in the United States, your dues and donations are tax deductable.

Any current or past member of the Rotary Family is eligible to join ESRAG.  This includes:

  • Current Interactors, Rotaractors, Rotary Community Corps members, Rotary Friendship Exchange participants, RYLA participants, Rotary Youth Exchange participants, Rotary Peace Fellows, Global Grant Scholars, Vocational Training Team members and leaders, District Grant Scholars, and New Generation Service Exchange participants.
  • Alumni and Former Interactors, Rotaractors, Rotary Youth Exchange participants, RYLA participants, Rotary Peace Fellows, Global Grant Scholars, Vocational Training Teams participants and leaders, District Grant Scholars, New Generation Service Exchange participants, and participants in former TRF programs such as Ambassadorial Scholars, Grants for University Teachers, Group Study Exchange, Rotary Volunteers, etc.

Recently, the Rotary International Board made the decision that anybody over the age of 18 years old may join Rotary Action Groups. ESRAG welcomes everyone over 18 years old, independant of any Rotary involvement to join. If you are younger than 18, you may qualify to become a member of the Climate Solutions Coalition, a program of ESRAG.

Click here, or on Join ESRAG! on the horizontal menu bar.