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Here is a list of upcoming events:

Please use World Time Buddy to convert to your local time. 

We quote the time in Central USA (Rotary Headquarters) and UTC


Wed. October 28th:           Coral Reefs with Arun Vaddi, Biodiversity Task Force Forum       Contact :

Sun. November 1st:           Rotary Ecology Day! 

Mon. November 2nd:        Operation Pollination zoom webinar  (11 am CST, 5pm  UTC

Fri. November 6th:            Planning for Projects Success and Environmental Sustainability ( 3pm CST, 9pm  UTC

Tue. November 10th:         Fires, Food Security, and Risk Management: Climate and Peace Webinar. ( 1am CST,  7am UTC

Wed. November 11th:        Soil Health with Christopher Smith, Biodiversity Task Force Forum



Sept. 23, 2020 Dr. Jose-Luis Izursa     Is Aquaponics a Suitable Alternative?