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Committees and Working Groups

Many Ways to Participate in ESRAG!

In addition to your local and global projects, ESRAG is supported by member participation in Board Appointed Committees, Task Forces, and Working Groups. We need your help!  We invite you to volunteer for one or more of the groups below.   Please Click Here to indicate how you would like to contribute. 

Communications and Social Media Committee

Establish editorial policy on content and tone; Post to Facebook, Twitter, and ESRAG website (news, etc.); Collate and draft quarterly newsletters, Design and produce ESRAG publicity materials. Initial Conveners: Pauline Amez-Droz and Melissa Mills.  

Please Click Here to access the ESRAG Editorial Policy.

Education Working Group

Curate and develop educational resources.  Initial Conveners: Patrizia Materassi and Melissa Mills.  

Executive Committee*

Manage the affairs of ESRAG between meetings of the Board of Directors, subject to the Board’s direction. The Executive Committee seeks the Board’s approval of actions taking by the Executive Committee over the period between Regular Meetings of the Board. The Board accepts or rejects each action either during the meeting by a simple majority, or by electronic vote outside the meeting.  (Electronic votes require a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote). The Executive Committee ensures that ESRAG files its Annual Report as required by Section 11.  The Executive Committee may enter into Memoranda of Understanding with other Rotarian Action Groups that contribute to ESRAG’s fulfillment of its mission, subject to the Board’s approval.

Experts Forum Working Group

Convene forums to share and innovate best practice, and to generate cross-field interaction among experts in the context of serving ESRAG projects. Initial Convener: Christopher Puttock. 

Finance Committee*

Generate budget, support financial decisions, generate monthly and annual budget reports.  Chaired by the Treasurer, Kurt Kroesen with Past Treasurer Larry Hands and Secretary Melissa Mills.  

Information Technology Working Group

Responsible for technical issues associated with the website and interfacing apps, including databases, teleconferencing, and email communication platforms. Initial Convener: Melissa Mills and Pauline Amez-Droz.  

Membership Committee*

Verify that ESRAG membership records are complete and up-to-date; reply to membership correspondence and facilitate connections as required. Support accurate record-keeping of membership and promote engagement. Chaired by the Secretary, Melissa Mills.  

Nominating Committee*

Recommends and administers the process of soliciting and proposing candidates for the Director on the ESRAG Board of Directors. The Committee is chaired by a member of the Executive Committee and is comprised of the Executive Officers or their appointees. 

Projects / Regional Forums Working Group

To fuel, facilitate and promote projects, including educational, awareness, environmental sustainability, etc., for people to interact around issues affecting a region whether they are local or global.  Initial Conveners: Karen Kendrick-Hands and Melissa Mills.   

Tree Task Force

Support President Ian Riseley's 1.2 Million Tree Planting Challenge through collection and dissemination of information and resources; showcase Rotary Clubs' achievements; answer questions; and help track progress in achieving the goal of planting 1.2 million trees between July 1, 2017 and April 22, 2018, Earth Day.  Chaired by Ken Leonard.  

*Asterisked committees are established and defined in ESRAG's Bylaws.