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Committees and Working Groups

Many Ways to Participate in ESRAG!

In addition to your local and global projects, ESRAG is supported by member participation in Board-appointed committees, task forces, teams, and working groups. We need your help!  We invite you to volunteer for one or more of the groups below.   

Click Here to to let us know your areas of interest. 

Executive Committee*

Manages the day to day activities and affairs of ESRAG, broadly meaning the implementation of its Mission Statement and Strategic Plan as approved by the ESRAG Board.  The Executive Committee (Executive) reports to and operates under mandate of the ESRAG Board.  Decisions taken by the Executive are discussed and confirmed/rejected by the Board.  This may be done either at the next scheduled meeting of the Board, or for urgent action, by electronic vote.  When considered by electronic vote, a two-thirds majority is required for approval. 

The Executive ensures that ESRAG files its Annual Report as required by Rotary International (ESRAG's Bylaws/Administration Procedures, Section 11).  The Executive may enter into Memoranda of Understanding with other Rotarian Action Groups that contribute to the fullfilment of ESRAG's mission, subject to the Board's approval.   Chair:  Chris Puttock

Administration & Governance Committee

The Administration & Governance Committee is responsible for the oversight of ESRAG’s Board Nominations process, Administrative Procedures changes, ESRAG's master plan and strategic direction, ESRAG's Operations Procedures and the cohesive working of the Board.  FY 2018-2019 Chair is Rich Randolph

Nominating Committee*

Recommends and administers the process of soliciting and proposing candidates for the Director on the ESRAG Board of Directors. The Committee is chaired by a member of the Executive Committee and is comprised of the Executive Officers or their appointees. 

Finance Committee*

Generates the budget, supports financial decisions, generates monthly and annual budget reports.  Chaired by the Treasurer, Merrill Glustrom. 

Membership Directorate*

Encourages, inspires and engages ESRAG membership; replies to membership correspondence and facilitates connections with other ESRAG committees, teams and working groups. See also Local and Regional Forums. Director:  Pat Armstrong.  

For more information, write to .

Communications Directorate

Proposes and implements editorial policy on content and tone; develops and posts to ESRAG social media (FacebookTwitter, ESRAG website, etc.); advises on content and presentation of resources; collects photos, stories, and questions for ESRAG newsletters; advises and supports design of ESRAG publicy materials.  Director: Karen Kendrick-Hands

Education Working Group

Part of the Communications Directorate:  Curates, develops and deploys educational resources and opportunities to raise awareness, engagement and inspiration among Rotarians. 

Read ESRAG's Editorial Policy here.

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For more information and to volunteer, write to .

Projects Directorate

Fuels, facilitates and promotes projects supporting environmental sustainability across Rotary's Six Areas of Focus.  Serves as a gathering place for people to interact around issues affecting a region whether they are local or global.  Director: Peter Moralee.

For more information, write .

Tree Task Force

Part of the Projects Directorate: Supports President Ian Riseley's 1.2 Million Tree Planting Challenge through collection and dissemination of information and resources; showcase Rotary Clubs' achievements; answers questions; and helps track progress in achieving the goal of planting 1.2 million trees between July 1, 2017 and April 22, 2018, Earth Day.  

For more information and to volunteer, write to  Chair:  Ken Leonard.  


Information Technology Directorate

The Information Technology Directorate advises, researchs, recommends and implements on content and capacity associated with the website, document management, database management, teleconferencing, social media, administrative processes, and email communication platforms. Director: Lawrence Hands.

*Asterisked committees are established and defined in ESRAG's Bylaws.