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COMMIT Stove Project

COMMIT – Stove Project Update



Did you know there are 3+ billion open-fire cooking stoves in developing countries, and each fire produces the equivalent in carbon pollution of 1 car per year?

The Rotary Club of Stratford/COMMIT and Rotary Club of London Hyde Park (Ontario) are working together on a cookstove project in Nicaragua, leveraging our 10 years’ experience completing garden and water projects in a very poor area south of Managua.

As open-fire cooking is standard in these villages, we successfully piloted a project with six (6) stoves in one community based on the Justa Stove model developed by StoveTeam International. There was 100% buy in by village residents and local government.

The enhanced cookstoves are 50% more fuel efficient and provide a greater cooking surface. It is almost completely smoke free, resulting in decreased health and burn issues (primarily in women and children).

Partnering with StoveTeam International, implementation of their Justa Stove will follow a proven approach including building stoves for the whole village onsite; teaching maintenance and training local masons to make the stove; sourcing local materials; and engaging village residents to construct and pay for the stove base as a way of ensuring buy in. GPS coordinates for each stove are recorded to enable follow up at 6 months and 1 year.

This short video highlights StoveTeam’s award-winning, innovative approach to creating local employment while improving health and reducing air pollution.

In parallel, our garden project in one village supports a nursery and locally grown trees, and we have an agronomist partnering on a reforestation project to replenish wood used and reforest denuded areas. These trees are sourced from local seeds, and different varieties will be grown and stewarded by families receiving the stoves.

Each stove, along with the reforestation component will cost about $125 US. The potential for carbon saving and global warming reduction is significant and can be expanded to other communities as funding is available.

Interested in supporting this project?

Members of the COMMIT team have been exercising to raise funds for this initiative and would love your pledge! Information to donate can be found on the COMMIT website; please specify your donation is for the COMMIT Stove Project.