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Here is a great 3 minute video about Rotary and Climate Change:

  Scott Leckman Video

Here is a great video by a younger Greta Thunberg on an obvious mitigation technique for Climate Healing:


Here is an article about Julia Caussil, the Rotary Exchange Student who is developing the Climate Solutions Coalition. 


Here is the April 2019 issue of The Rotarian (3.5mb PDF file):

  Climate Change is Rotary's Business

Here are some projects and programs that you can do within your club:

Start your Rotary Climate Action Team

Pitching Plant-Based Meals

School Lunch out of Landfills

A Tale of Two EcoClubs



Letters to the Editor  The Rotarian Magazine, October 2019 

The climate on climate.

1.     As a veteran who served the U.S.Air Force as a meteorologist in the field and taught at the Air Force’s weather school, I was pleased to see the April issue of The Rotarian take on the effects of climate change. But I was more than chagrined to read letters from Rotarians in the July issue accusing the magazine of politicking. Climate science is based on massive, non-political data collection, compilation, and analysis. Every day, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration collects and analyzes more worldwide weather observations then the total volume of items in the Library of Congress. Agriculture, transportation, commerce, and military operations run on that data. That data is not political.

    In spite of climate change denial intended to support economic decisions and political positioning, rest assured that the U.S. military has a solid grasp of the situation and the threats we may face in the future. All branches of our military have developed and continue to update contingency plans to deal with massive migrations of coastal populations due to rising sea level, deterioration of agricultural production due to expanding deserts and depleted aquifers, shifting of fisheries as food fish seek colder water, and civil unrest and conflict as families seek safety and food and as nations seek resources.
    By design, our military is apolitical. Rotary and The Rotarian are standing in good company. World peace is a core value for Rotarians worldwide and climate change is a threat to world peace as we have never seen before. I look forward to actively supporting more leadership from Rotary International in this matter.

David Eatwell
Chehalis, Washington

2.     I was astonished at the negative letters in the July issue about climate change and the role that Rotarians can play in addressing this issue of our lifetime. I, for one, appreciate that the call has been put out to us. I always thought Rotarians were, as a group, thoughtful and forward thinking and caring for all things this planet has to offer. Based on the letters, I can see I am wrong.
    I am a 25-year Rotary member in my mid-60s who has wondered why we never connected the need for clean water and new farming techniques, among other things, to a changing climate. My dad talked about it in the 1970s. He was a man who hunted, grew up on a farm and was a weather hound because he worked in construction. Even the big oil companies saw it coming decades ago, although that is not widely publicized today. Even if we don’t agree on the reasons, weather affects how clean our water is and how well our land grows what we eat. Turmoil around the world can be connected to the changing landscape and the chase for scarce resources.
    I ask that we allow reason and enlightened beliefs to move us forward. Let us not be the ones to drop the ball when it comes to making the world a better place for those who follow.

Charlene M Peterson
South Range, Wisconsin

3.    I cannot believe the number of letters from climate change doubters in the July issue. Is this truly representative of Rotarians or is it some naïve editors idea of “presenting both sides“? Climate change is not a political issue; it is proven science. Many of the desperately needed mitigations have become political issues because of ignorance and because powerful, vested interests, for their short-term financial gain, do not want them addressed.
    Would we, as Rotarians, not talk about polio vaccinations because a small minority has made vaccination a political issue? Do we, as Rotarians, want to turn away from even the chance of minimizing the coming climate disaster? Generations to come well look back and ask "What did you do?"
    Some may threaten to leave Rotary. Not I. I will spend my Rotary time and energy working to get the greatest organization in the world to address the largest threat to mankind.

Evan Kurtz
Dryden New York

4.    Kudos to the Rotarian for the climate change issue. After reading so much negative feedback from fellow Rotarians, I felt demotivated. I wonder how people who wish to do good world can be against saving the planet we live on,unless they are profiting in someway from its destruction. This isn’t political; this is about sustaining life itself. Isn’t that what we are about?

Beth Landa
Longwood, Florida

5.    Climate change is a hotly debated topic in the United States as evidenced by letters in July issue. In the rest of the world, however, climate change as a result of human activity is by and large recognized as a scientifically established fact. Thus on a worldwide basis – since Rotary is a worldwide organization - a substantial majority of Rotarians recognize the potentially catastrophic consequences of climate change and the need for action to mitigate those consequences. And since Rotary is democratically organized, it must act in accordance with the view of the majority of its members.

Frank G. Helman
Boothbay Harbor, Maine