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Christopher Puttock (USA)


Christopher Puttock

Chris has three decades experience in environmental conservation and restoration. He is particularly concerned with the maintenance of ecosystems to function naturally, sustainably, and in preventing demise of ecological services by human exploitation reaching past the tipping point where nature is not permanently damaged. In Hawaii Chris was the liaison for 12 government and 4 NGOs managing 100% of the marine areas and 87% of the land of the Hawaiian Islands. Chris arranged the annual environmental conservation conference with more than 1000 attendees. In Maryland Chris runs a native plant nursery producing plants to sustain the native flora and fauna of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Chris is a regular speaker at meetings of botanical and native plant societies, master gardeners, master naturalist and garden clubs.

In Rotary Chris has given many conservation presentations, including the past 100 years 99% demise of keystone species, and on climate change and its relationship to the six Areas of Focus. In 2014 Chris toured India with Kindness in Action, Inc., with the specific goal of finding environmental sustainability of Rotary’s humanitarian projects. Chris is Past President of the Rotary Club of College Park, Maryland (2016-2017).