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What role can ESRAG play to support both adaptation & migration?


Many countries already need help adapting to climate change, as noted in the linked New York Times editorial.  We in Rotary know that, because our members are among those countries.

What we also know is that when Rotarians come together to address global challenges, we change the world.

The Atlantic recently published an article on recent findings that the last of the Alaskan woolly mammoths seems to have perished as recently as 3,600 BCE.  Surprisingly, their final demise appears to be linked to rising sea levels.   We needn't succumb to their fate.  We can foresee the problems and take steps to avert the otherwise predictable outcomes.

We may not know what the answers are today, but based on our history, we know that when we work together, we find them!  Thank you for being part of the solutions!