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A Market-Based Strategy for CO2 Reduction

Exxon CEO Partnership for Responsible Growth

The Partnership for Responsible Growth is building the foundation for a non-partisan approach to our common challenges.

They are bringing accurate, mainstream climate science to readers of the Wall Street Journal's opinion pages to show that pricing carbon is a bipartisan, market-based solution to the climate challenge that will increase economic growth and American competitiveness.

They call it Climate 2.0.

The implementation of a carbon tax has broad bipartisan appeal.  Check out their page:  Conservatives Speak Out.

Climate 2.0 explains a carbon tax as a market-based strategy to implement swift action to reduce CO2 emissions.  Designed to be revenue neutral, it allows external costs to become part of the market solution.  A carbon tax will save trillions of dollars by reflecting true costs associated with alternative choices.  The sooner we act, the slower the climate change, and the less destruction in life and property.