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I Fix The Planet

RI President Holger champions ESRAG!


We're thrilled that Rotary International President Holger Knaack is teaming up with ESRAG on a video challenge to showcase the wealth of ways Rotarians are striving to save the planet.

RI President Holger recorded an irresistible video of his own inviting YOU to share your project.

See it and learn about how to share your contribution to the #IFixThePlanet challenge!

This challenge will generate a bumper crop of 70-second videos to inspire Rotarians, so we can hit the ground running all across the globe when RI’s new Protecting the Environment Area of Focus goes live July 1.

You’ll be able to hunt through the films to find great stories to use with your own community, club, district, or region. 


Visit The Website and see Holger's video and the other entries