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The Year of the Tree

Rotarians have picked up the shovel again.  Don't miss tree planting highlights and inspiring articles in the April issue of The Rotarian.  

Do you know when the Rotary tradition of planting trees started? 

The Rotarian gives us glimpses of the origin of Rotary through the eyes of Paul Harris, regales us with humor from award-winning humorist and New Yorker journalist Ian Frazier, and feeds us with knowledge that inspires our appreciation of trees, Rotary, and each other.

The online issue provides easy access to the article.  Click here to read the series, "Back to Our Roots." 

We recommend the fun and insightful article by Past President Nancy Shepherdson on "Stealth Motivation:  How to get volunteers what you want them to - and like it!"  ESRAGians will do well to become familiar with these tactics!

The April issue of The Rotarian also includes an empowering interview with Dr. Bernice King, "A Passion for Justice."  The article is particularly relevant to those atuned to all aspects of social, economic and environmental justice issues.  The way forward is together.  There is no "us and them."  There is only we.

The print version is full of photographs, articles and editorials that aren't shared online.  Don't miss it!