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News from Down Under

The baiji, or Yangtze river dolphin, was declared functionally extinct in 2006. The species, which has swam the Yangtze for some 20 million years, was the first cetacean to go extinct due to human activities. Overfishing, habitat destruction, electrofishing, boat traffic, dam-building and pollution all likely played a role in...

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The Road to Renewable Energy for All

To slow global warming, our most urgent need is to reduce the accumulation of CO2 in the oceans and the atmosphere. At the same time, much of the world's population yearns for the advantages availed through access to more energy. South Africa Can the market bring affordable renewable energy to...

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A Novel Approach to Carbon Pricing

Dan Kammen, founding director of the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory (RAEL) at UC Berkeley, recently attended the Seventh Clean Energy Ministerial in San Francisco. In a June 29, 2016 video interview hosted by Greenbiz , Kammen explains a novel approach to carbon pricing: Make carbon accounting a business requirement...

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A Market-Based Strategy for CO2 Reduction

Partnership for Responsible Growth The Partnership for Responsible Growth is building the foundation for a non-partisan approach to our common challenges. They are bringing accurate, mainstream climate science to readers of the Wall Street Journal's opinion pages to show that pricing carbon is a bipartisan, market-based solution to the climate...

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International Energy Agency says Air Pollution to Kill Millions More

Air pollution to kill millions more without change of energy policy: IEA (Reuters) 27/06/2016 @ 06:22 LONDON Premature deaths from air pollution will continue to rise to 2040 unless changes are made to the way the world uses and produces energy, the International Energy Agency said on Monday. Around 6.5...

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Zika Virus and Climate Change

Human response will play a role in the spread of mosquito borne illnesses. See the post from Washington Post below for further information: Zika Virus and Climate Change

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CarbonBrief Interview with Tim Flanner

Carbon-free won't come soon enough to keep us at 1.5 Degrees Celsius of warming. We must explore negative emissions technologies to mop up the legacy carbon we've already emitted. Explore this great interview by Leo Hickman (CarbonBrief) with Tim Flannery on what we can do. The Carbon Brief Interview: Tim Flannery

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