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Social & Economic

Strengthening All Concerned:

Key Biscayne’s Yellow Masks protect livelihoods as well as lives Whether you’re a Homestead migrant worker or a Miami seamstress, you’re now better equipped to survive COVID-19 and keep your job, thanks to the quick action of three leaders of the Key Biscayne Rotary Club in Florida, USA. The Club’s...

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Climate and Peace Forum draws audience from six continents

On Aug 6, Australians planted the Rotary flag in the vanguard of international action to save humanity from catastrophic climate change. That night the Rotary Clubs of Sydney Cove, Sydney, and Darling Harbour launched the first of their quarterly Climate and Peace Forums, presenting three passionate speakers preeminent in their...

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Meet RI President Elect Barry Rassin

Rotary International 2018-2019 President Barry Rassin
Barry Rassin, a member of the Rotary Club of East Nassau, Bahamas, has been selected by the RI Nominating Committee for President of Rotary International 2018-2019. His commitment to continuity, communication, and amplifying the good work of Rotary is clear. His strategy includes fostering stronger connections between Rotary International and...

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One Man Single-Handedly Planted a Forest Larger than New York's Central Park

The story has become an award-winning documentary, Forest Man , through the craft of Toronto-based film-maker William Douglas McMaster. McMaster picked up the story on Reddit and followed a lead who claimed to know the man, Payeng, who started planting trees in 1979. Zi-Ann Lum of the Huffington Post Canada...

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Plant-Based Food Demand Up 140%!

August 29, 2017: One Green Planet writes: The plant-based food sector is booming! With more people shifting away from meat toward more clean, plant-based protein alternatives, many new start-ups offering innovative products have jumped in to meet growing demand. In fact, the plant-based food sector is currently valued at $5...

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China's Forest City to Fight Pollution

June 26, 2017. Nick Lavars of New Atlas reports The vision of Italian architect Stefano Boeri is starting to take shape around the world, with his so-called vertical forest towers going up in Switzerland and Milan . Now the Chinese region of Liuzhou will also play home to some of...

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Climate Change Refugees

Bangladesh Dam workers
April 18, 2017. Global Citizen journalist Joe McCarthy writes from Kivalina, Alaska : Dolly’s home is warm and spacious. Snow gear sits by the door. Illustrated Christianity posters are on the walls. A Mario game is being played on the TV. It could be any house in the throes of...

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Why Republicans and Democrats are Both Right on Climate

Daniel Kammen, professor at the University of California, Berkeley and founder of the Renewable & Appropriate Energy Laboratory (RAEL) at Berkeley, points to America's bi-partisan win-win solution in his March 2, 2017 post to Scientific American: Over the past two years, two thoughtful, innovative, and dramatically different plans to address...

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India's Air Pollution Rivals China's as Most Deadly

The New York Times reports: India’s rapidly worsening air pollution is causing about 1.1 million people to die prematurely each year and is now surpassing China’s as the deadliest in the world, a new study of global air pollution shows. The number of premature deaths in China caused by dangerous...

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