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September 2017

One Man Single-Handedly Planted a Forest Larger than New York's Central Park

The story has become an award-winning documentary, Forest Man , through the craft of Toronto-based film-maker William Douglas McMaster. McMaster picked up the story on Reddit and followed a lead who claimed to know the man, Payeng, who started planting trees in 1979. Zi-Ann Lum of the Huffington Post Canada...

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Planting Trees: Mangroves and Flood Mitigation

As Rotarians around the world respond to wild fires, droughts and floods, it may be helpful to remember that 500-year floods don't happen every 500-years. Weather-related events are bound to change as the climate changes. The question is, what can we do proactively to minimize destruction? Jurriaan Kamp, journalist for...

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China's Reforestation and Unintended Green Deserts

China has invested $100 billion in a "grain-for-green" program where traditional farmers are paid to plant forests on lands that had been stripped of trees. By some measures, the program has been a great success. What's the problem? Michael Holtz of the Christian Scientist Monitor writes: Chairman Mao told us...

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