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March 2017

The Way Forward for Reducing Marine Pollution

The United Nations Development Programme is holding an Oceans Conference in June 2017 to consider innovations in our practices to begin to reverse the inadvertent trend of increasing toxicity throughout the food chain. The Ocean Conference taking place this June at UN headquarters is a unique opportunity to promote and...

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Large Sections of Australia’s Great Reef Are Now Dead, Scientists Find

SYDNEY, Australia — The Great Barrier Reef in Australia has long been one of the world’s most magnificent natural wonders, so enormous it can be seen from space, so beautiful it can move visitors to tears. But the reef, and the profusion of sea creatures living near it, are in...

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Why Republicans and Democrats are Both Right on Climate

Daniel Kammen, professor at the University of California, Berkeley and founder of the Renewable & Appropriate Energy Laboratory (RAEL) at Berkeley, points to America's bi-partisan win-win solution in his March 2, 2017 post to Scientific American: Over the past two years, two thoughtful, innovative, and dramatically different plans to address...

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