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October 2016

How Fast Can Glaciers Collapse?

When Glaciers Transform Into Deadly 150-mph Avalanches After happening only once in the 100-year record, catastrophic glacial collapse occurred twice in Tibet this summer. It took less than seven minutes. On the morning of September 20, 2002, the Kolka Glacier sat in a gently sloping valley on the Russia-Georgia border...

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How Fast Is Greenland Melting?

If the climate keeps warming the way it has, Greenland may finally live up to its name (which was probably bestowed on it by some colorblind viking). The island’s glacier-crusted surface is melting, and a lot of this is from balmier atmospheric temperatures. But as the saying goes, that’s just...

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Germany Considering Banning Fossil Fuel-Powered Cars

Germany, home of global automotive giants Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen, is on the road to banning gas and diesel engines from its highways and byways. The Bundesrat, the upper house of Germany’s parliament, passed a resolution on Monday that calls for the elimination of vehicles powered by gasoline and diesel engines...

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A positive move for climate change

KIGALI, Rwanda — Negotiators from more than 170 countries on Saturday reached a legally binding accord to counter climate change by cutting the worldwide use of a powerful planet-warming chemical used in air-conditioners and refrigerators. The Kigali deal was seven years in the making, and is a compromise between rich...

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First Time Since the Dinosaurs - A New World!

There's good news, and there's challenging news. On the good side: Duke University's Fuqua School of Business has published a new white paper highlighting opportunities for the utility industry to transform itself through the convergence of changing circumstances: "Triple Convergence: Talent, Strategy, and Leadership Disruptions in a Changing Utility Industry"...

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Electric vehicles - auto makers plan to meet demand

Things are changing quickly now, and the businesses that are ready will prosper. That's common sense. The change that is coming is the rapid swing towards electrical vehicles. "This will go down as one of those years where it all started to change," according to Andrew Bergbaum, managing director at...

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