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July 2016

A Tiny Island Shows How to Protect the Oceans

The success of Palau could be a road map for essential maritime protection activities around the world. The archipelago nation has outlawed bottom trawling, the practice of scraping the ocean with a curtain-like net that destroys everything in its path. It created the world’s first shark sanctuary and requires all...

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The Ozone Hole is Shrinking! Hope for Climate Change

Scientists have confirmed that the hole in the ozone has been steadily shrinking following the historic United Nations treaty — the Montreal Protocol — to ban chlorofluorocarbons, or CFCs, in 1989. The fact that the ozone is healing at all is a powerful testament to what can be achieved if...

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A Record-Breaking Year for the Climate

It's summer-time in the Northern Hemisphere, and we're feeling the heat. The good news is that the extremes in weather are making the news. We can't change the weather today, but we stand on the shoulders of giants, and we can see the fork in the road ahead. Here are...

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News from Down Under

The baiji, or Yangtze river dolphin, was declared functionally extinct in 2006. The species, which has swam the Yangtze for some 20 million years, was the first cetacean to go extinct due to human activities. Overfishing, habitat destruction, electrofishing, boat traffic, dam-building and pollution all likely played a role in...

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The Road to Renewable Energy for All

To slow global warming, our most urgent need is to reduce the accumulation of CO2 in the oceans and the atmosphere. At the same time, much of the world's population yearns for the advantages availed through access to more energy. South Africa Can the market bring affordable renewable energy to...

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