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2020 Board Nominations

Biographical Sketches of our Four 2020 Nominees

Pat Armstrong     


Rotary Club of Doncaster, District 9810, Victoria, Australia, Current Executive Committee member of ESRAG

Patricia Armstrong has been a Rotarian for 18 years, serving as a club board member in various roles, including President (twice), is a District trainer and has chaired the District 9810 Sustainable Communities Committee for the past 10 years. Based on this experience, she is now helping other Districts across Australia to set up Environmental Sustainability Committees and is chairing the Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands (ANZPI) Regional Chapter of ESRAG. She is also a founding member of Rotarians for Bees.

For more than three decades, Pat has been an educator for sustainability, with a BSci (Hons.), DipEd. and has just finished a PhD on adolescent leadership for sustainability. She has worked in a number of roles (mostly in the areas of waste and resource recovery, energy reduction and renewable energy, climate change and biodiversity), including management, strategic planning, grant writing, training, evaluation and publication. Pat has also served as a Board and Committee member of several sustainability professional and not-for-profit organisations, contributed to establishing professional standards for environmental educators and organised conferences, seminars and training programs. Pat has received a number of awards for her education work, including the VAEE Environmental Educator of the Year, a Banksia Award, and two Eureka Awards for projects of which she was project manager.

Ms. Armstrong has served as a Director of ESRAG for three years, and on the Executive and as the Director of Membership for the past two years. In this later role, with the support of a dedicated team, she developed and implemented a strategic plan that contributed to a significant leap in the ESRAG membership. In that time, the team introduced ESRAG Regional Chapters and a new Youth Membership category, which involved developing an ESRAG youth protection policy.

Pat also contributed to the UNEP ESRAG World Environment Day Handbook, and Chairs the new Climate Calculator project team. In her education role, Pat and her colleagues in Australia developed the Planning for Success and Environmental Sustainability Training program and have delivered this program at a RI Convention and in many District workshops.

As a Director of ESRAG, Pat brings her interests, passion, knowledge, professional and Rotary experience, combined with a range of skills to work with the other Directors and volunteers to help grow the membership and influence of ESRAG. In addition, she would work to develop resources, support tools and programs that will enable and empower Rotarians, Rotaractors and Interactors to embrace and incorporate environmental sustainability in their everyday lives, in all club practices and in all club and district projects.

Keith Tovey

Rotary Club of Norwich, UK, District 1080, Current director of ESRAG

Keith Tovey is a Chartered Engineer and a Chartered Environmentalist.   Having graduated from the University of Cambridge he gained a Phd at that University.  He spent the majority of his professional career at the School of Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia. Initially was involved in both and research into Landslides and Geological hazards as well as researching Past Climates.   From 1980 both his teaching and research focused on Energy and Climate Change being awarded the James Watt Medal for Energy Conservation in 2007.  In 2003 he became a Director of the Carbon Reduction Program, Cred and following retirement  has been an active member of the Energy Panel of the Institution of Civil Engineers and has promoted Environmental issues in Rotary and the Community.  In Rotary, he has been an Assistant Governor and ComVoc Chair and for 13 years, District Environment Officer.

Mr. Tovey believes that Rotary, as a Worldwide Organisation, must take a lead on Environmental Matters,  particularly in the areas of Climate Change, Waste Minimization and Resource Conservation.   As a founder member of the Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland Environment Group in 2007 and District Environment Officer, Keith has already promoted several environmental projects such as the District Environmental Awards for Clubs (since 2013) which has Bronze, Silver, and Gold Levels, a scheme which is now being adopted elsewhere in Rotary.  Following his work on Carbon Footprint Calculators for multi-District Events, he is developing further such Calculators specifically for Rotary.  In addition he would welcome the opportunity to expand the Young Environmentalist Competition of which coordinated the launch in the 25 Districts in Rotary GBI in 2019.

Clari Nolet 


Rotary E-Club of the West (Orange County, CA)  District 5320

Clari. Nolet has been working to bring attention to and recruit new members to ESRAG since the Atlanta RI convention.  She has worked on numerous projects supporting the environment, including Komba Safaris, Airfare Carbon Calculator Project for the Honolulu RI Convention and is working on the Carbon Offset Team to help assist Rotary Clubs become carbon neutral and support Rotary projects that reduce and mitigate carbon.  She helped write the white paper and one page memo that went to RI in support recommending the ESRAG website calculator to offset flights to the HI RI Convention. 

Clari will be on the panel at the RI virtual convention on Greening Rotary Events: Be Plastic-free, Offset Carbon, and More!  She is currently providing information on how to develop carbon offset projects for ESRAG.  She is dedicated to helping Rotary and Rotarians to lead on taking action to address Climate Change, Reducing Waste and the Conservation of Resources. 

It is Ms. Nolet's belief that in leading and embracing these actions we will interest not only a new generation in joining Rotary, but will attract new Rotarians dedicated to addressing environmental issues.    She studied Chemistry in College and has an MBA in Finance.  She currently works as a financial advisor (supports ESG and SRI investing) and supports ESRAG, Rotary and the Wildlife Conservation Network. 

Clari is passionate about Rotary participating in the reduction of carbon through projects, white papers, carbon calculators and is also in support of the environment as an additional AOF for Global Grants.  She has been a member of the Los Altos Rotary Club in Northern California for over 10 years and would like to build strong interest in support of ESRAG and offsetting carbon by Northern California Rotary Clubs and beyond.   She has served on the LARC Board and as President of the Los Altos Rotary Endowment Fund.


Michael Terrelonge 


RC Spanish Town Jamaica, District 7020

Michael Terrelonge has broad experience and a diverse skill set including Post graduate education in chemical engineering; the father of the Internet service in Jamaica; management consultant to the Ministry of Agriculture and the Planning Institute of Jamaica, coordinating all external assistance and national planning, among others; and crop and cattle farmer doing agriculture at a small scale. In addition, Michael has a long history of Rotary service. 

Michael’s recent experience with the Caribbean partnership includes relationship building for project development across zones and developing disaster preparedness plans for Rotary clubs and districts in response to Hurricanes Maria and Irma. In addition to managing Disaster preparedness in his district he is also serves on the Board of the Disaster Network of Assistance Rotary Action Group. 

Mr. Terrelonge has included environmental sustainability as a cornerstone in his other endeavors. He has participated at ESRAG workshops at RICON Atlanta and Toronto, and been a resource in ESRAG’s support for Ian Riseley’s 1.2 Million Tree challenge.

President - RC Spanish Town Jamaica 2007-8, District 7020
District Website Coordinator - 2009-10
Rotary Leadership Institute Discussion Leader 2012-present
Assistant Governor - 2014-17
District Conference Committee - 2009-10, 2014-15, 2018-19
District Service Projects & Partnerships -Chair 2017-18
District Disaster Management Committee member 2017-present
District Disaster Preparedness Chair 2018-present
Board Member DNA-RAG
Board Member Rotary Caribbean Partnership 2018-present
Food Plant Solutions RAG member
Presenter at Disaster Management Workshop - RI Convention Toronto 2018
Presenter Disaster Management Workshop - Zone34&34 Leadership Summit 2018, Norfolk VI
Friend of Trees That Feed Foundation (